NOTE: Please be aware that prior to version 2.0.0 the download of the complete set of wholesale prices takes in the order of 1hr 40min therefore we recomment upgrading to version 2.0.0 or above as soon as possible.

Premature Process Termination - This should only be relevant for version 1.5.5 and below.

Process Terminated By The Host

If you find that the download and update process is terminating prematurely then it is possible that your host is killing the job. Please contact them to see if this is the case and if they are prepared to change their settings for you.

PHP Directive max_execution_time

This directive is set to 300 by WHMCS and generally doesn't affect module operation as it is usual that the WHMCS cron is running on the same server as where WHMCS is installed.

We have experienced one instance where the module and WHMCS were installed on a different server than that which was running the WHMCS cron and where the WHMCS cron was being called by wget. In this instance the php directive max_execution_time did affect module operation as the cron was being run differently than expected and suffered a timeout error.

If you have this setup on your server(s) please be aware that max_execution_time will affect module operation and prevent the complete download of TLDs and wholesale prices as the cron runs in excess of 5 minutes.


Module Debugging

If you are having problems with any aspect of module operation, debugging is available to help you locate the issue.

Turning on debugging needs to be done in 2 places:
  1. The 'Quick Actions' page or Setup->Addon Modules module configuration
  2. Utilities->Logs->Module Log

On the 'Quick Actions' page or in Setup->Addon Modules module configuration check the 'Enable debug mode' checkbox at the bottom of the configuration panel.

With this done, go to Utilities->Logs->Module Log and click the 'Enable Debug Logging' button at the top of the page.

The Module Log entries will show the date & time, module name, action, request and response details.

In the row with the date & time you ran the aspect of the module you are experiencing problems with you will see details of the action and any requests and associated responses.

The request will give details of what the module was attempting to do whilst the response will give details of any response to that request.


When module debug logging is on:

Step 1. Username/password and IP whiltelist check

With module debug logging on, visit your WHMCS home page and check balance widget. If the home page balance widget is not showing an error this is an indication that connection to the eNom API was successful and you should also see entries in the module log that confirm this.

If the home page balance widget is not showing an error then there should be an indication in the module log if this was due to a username/password issue or the IP requiring to be whitelisted.

If the results from step 1 are OK and still nothing is being downloaded when running under the Cron then follow step 2.


Step 2. Manual wholesale price download and update check

Ensure you have at least 1 TLD added to your pricing, you can do that manually if required.

Go to the 'eNom Prices' tab and record the timestamp for the TLD for which you are about to download the wholesale prices.

Go to the 'Quick Actions' tab, enter the TLD extension into the 'Extensions to include in the update' field in the 'Update eNom wholesale and local pricing for specified extensions' section and click the 'Update eNom and Local Pricing' button.

When the page has refreshed, go to the 'eNom Prices' tab and check the 'Last Updated' timestamp for the TLD in question.

The timestamp should have changed from the value you recorded earlier and should indicate the current date and a time close to the current time i.e. the time the download was made as a result of your clicking the 'Update eNom and Local Pricing' button.

If the timestamp has changed and isn't showing the date and time you expect, this may be due to your Locale and/or timezone settings.

The timestamp having changed indicates that the wholesale price download was successful and module is working correctly. You can also check the Module Log entries which will show details of the connection to and responses from the API.

If the results from step 2 are OK and still nothing is being downloaded when running under the Cron then follow step 3.


Step 3. Check which php.ini file is in use by WHMCS and the Cron

If you are still not getting anything downloaded when running under control of the Cron then the most likely issue will be the php.ini in use by the Cron being different than that in use by WHMCS and allow_url_fopen not being set to On in that php.ini file.

Details of how you can identify which php.ini file is in use where can be found here:


If you require support, please include details of the steps followed and corresponding extracts from the Module Log in your support request.

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