Once TLDs have been imported from eNom, the domain addons settings can be viewed in the table on the eNom TLDs tab.

The settings for DNS Management, Email Forwarding, ID Protect and EPP Code are indicated by the relevant checkboxes being checked (available) or unchecked (not available) for purchase.

Please note: Where addons are available you must ensure the pricing for the addon is set in Setup->Products/Services->Domain Pricing Domain Addons.

From version 2.0.0 pricing for DNS Management, Email Forwarding and ID Protect can be set directly via the eNom TLDs tab when viewing the default base slab and viewed when viewing all price slabs.

Using the 'ID Protect Addon Pricing' section in 'Setup and Configuration' you can also determine whether the module marks up the ID Protect price with the same profit margin as that used for pricing and whether this price is rounded.

Where the checkbox is disabled (greyed out) it indicates that this addon is not available via eNom for this TLD.

Addons are made available simply by checking the appropriate checkbox and, when finished, clicking the 'Update TLDs Offered' button.

The checkboxes above the top of the columns allows the selecting/deselecting of all checkboxes in the column. Disabled checkboxes will be omitted automatically.

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