Once TLDs have been imported from eNom, the autoreg settings can be viewed in the table on the eNom TLDs tab.

The autoreg setting for each TLD is indicated by the name of the registrar displayed in the dropdown at the right hand side of the row.

There are two ways to update the autoreg settings:

  1. From the 'eNom TLDs' tab
  2. From the 'Quick Actions' tab

From the 'eNom TLDs' tab whilst selecting the TLDs to be added to your pricing and the domain addons settings, the autoreg setting can be adjusted either individually, row by row, or by selecting the registrar from the 'Select to set autoreg for selected TLDs' dropdown at the top of the column.

Once the autoreg registrars have been selected, these can be saved by clicking the 'Update TLDs Offered' button.

At the bottom of the 'Quick Actions' page there is a section 'Batch update autoreg registrar'. Here you can select the registrar from the dropdown and update all TLDs at once by leaving the 'Update autoreg for:' field empty, or you can enter a comma separated list into that field and update the registrar for those TLDs only.

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