These settings control the automatic pricing updates and can be accessed either via the 'Quick Settings' tab or 'Setup->Addon Modules module configuration.

Run auto updates at (Dropdown): Select the time at which you want the downloads and updates to start. We recommend setting this 15 minutes before the WHMCS Daily Cron time so all pricing updates are complete before WHMCS tasks are run.

We suggest you ensure that this time is either more than 15 minutes before, or some time after, the cPanel/WHM update Cron (upcp) time as upcp may interrupt the process.

NOTE! Once the module has been triggered at the time set here another run will not be possible on the same day, or on the following day within 15 minutes of the last run time, unless 'Force updates at next Cron' checkbox below is checked.

We also recommend setting up a Cron job to update the currency exchange rates 5 minutes before the module runs. For example, if the time of day above is set to 5:00AM then the Cron settings would be: 55 4 * * * php -q /path/to/cron.php do --CurrencyUpdateExchangeRates, where /path/to/ is replaced by the path to your cron.php file. This will ensure the latest exchange rate is used for local pricing calculations.


NOTE: Prior to version 2.0.0 the whole download process can take up to 1hr 40 min. We therefore recommend upgrading to the latest version.

Force updates at next Cron (Checkbox): Force the module to run when the WHMCS Cron job runs next.
NOTE! The download of wholesale prices for all TLDs and the update of local pricing takes in the order of 1hr 40 min. If you recently tried forcing the download, please ensure that a download is not already running. You can check this by turning on module debug logging and monitoring the module log. If download is already running checking this checkbox will cause the module to start downloading from eNom again. This should be avoided as doing so may cause duplication of pricing as more than one API command may be running simultaneously.

Domain pricing auto update (Checkbox): Check this checkbox if you want to module to automatically update your domain pricing, based on the latest eNom wholesale pricing, when the WHMCS Cron runs. This action requires that the 'Run auto updates at' time to be set. PLEASE NOTE | This checkbox must be checked in order the Quick Actions 'Update Pricing' and 'Update eNom Pricing' buttons will update local pricing.

Update existing (Checkbox): Check this checbox if you want the module to update domain renewal pricing for existing clients. This action requires that the 'Domain pricing auto update' checkbox is checked.

Update only eNom domains (Checkbox): Check this checkbox to limit auto update functions to only those domains with Auto Registration set to eNom.

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